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Church Ministries


New Hope conducts numerous outreach events & conferences each year to spread the Gospel and build the community. These events include Women's conferences & seminars, Youth Conferences & seminars, Children's Conferences, and pastoral/leadership conferences & seminars. Here those involved find encouragement, moral and character development, fellowship and biblical teaching. 

Leadership Development

New Hope Bible School has been established in order to train up a new generation of men and women with the heart to serve the Lord. Our students are enrolled in a 1 ½ year program where in addition to the essential topics of Bible, theology and hermeneutics, they are discipled on the importance of character, having a servant’s heart and care and compassion of a congregation are stressed. Room & Board, study materials and support are all provided while students are in residency. Additionally, after graduation additional support is provided to graduates if they choose to Pastor a New Hope Church location.  ​

Tribal Outreach

In order to support and build up local pastors and their churches, outreaches are conducted in various villages throughout the year. People receiving healing and salvation as they respond to the Word of God are encouraged to join the fellowship of the local New Hope branch churches. Local leaders also receive training and encouragement in starting their own local church with ongoing support from New Hope Ministry.

Church Planting

As the gospel continues to spread to the areas surrounding Chillakallu, numerous churches have been planted in the surrounding villages and even to the large cities of Vijayawada and Hyderabad. These churches usually begin as a smaller gathering of believers in a home but as The Lord adds to their number, eventually property was purchased and more churches were constructed. To avoid caste conflicts, the churches are usually located away from established areas so that all will feel welcome. Nearly a hundred and twenty churches have been planted, a majority being rural.

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Youth Outreach

Each Year New Hope hosts a Childrens Festival 1000 children; teaching them Bible stories, Action songs and Stories of Missionaries and putting a seed in their hearts. God is touching these small children with the Holy Spirit and guiding us to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We praise God for bringing New Revival in this New Generation. Additionally hosts youth meeting for 1000 youth for the age group of 14 to 25 years. We preach them the Gospel and hundreds of these young people are giving their lives to Jesus Christ. We are enhancing the kingdom of God and God is bringing new revival with this young people for the coming generation for the Glory of God.

Women's Outreach

To empower women economically and make them Self-Reliant New Hope

Ministry has begun by creating self-employment to women for finding attentive means of livelihood for the women of economically and socially backward sections. In order to challenge this situation, these women to choose tiny and small business activity or enterprise which are convenient to manage and adequate for the sustenance of their families and to overcome the financial difficulties.

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Village & City Outreach

New Hope conducts 2 to 4 outreaches monthly in the unreached areas and on village- streets and open places to preach the Gospel and to win the perishing souls for the Christ. Numerous churches have been planted over the years, beginning as a small gathering of people and eventually growing to the point of property purchase and church development. To avoid caste conflicts, the churches are usually located away from established areas so that all will feel welcome. 

Local Church

Established in 1987, the church in Chillakallu is a growing body of believers. Prabhudas became the pastor in 1990 with a congregation of nearly 25 people. As of 2010, more than 4,800 people have been baptized. The building was renovated in 2010 and now accommodates up to 2,000 people regularly at Sunday morning services.

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