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New Hope School Children and Teachers in front of their School building.


Many children in our region of India have been trapped in the bonds of generational poverty and oppression. Culturally, these children never attend school, cementing their enslavement to poverty and crime. Through your sponsorship, we are able to provide a free education to these children, allowing them to become upright, productive members of society.

Child Sponsorship

New Hope Ministries currently cares for over 200 children, many of whom are orphaned, and others living under severe economic duress. Many of these children live on our campus, but we also provide case by case support to those living in poverty with their extended families. Your generous supports allows New Hope to love and nurture these children both physically and spiritually, allowing them to grow into responsible members of society.

Medical Provisions

With limited access to clinics, local medical assistance can be difficult to reach for the majority of the community. Once or twice a year New Hope hosts medical camps utilizing local doctors and hospitals and partnering with doctors from the United States to serve 5,000-7,000 people in a week with the care they need. Additionally, in times of crisis, New Hope provides clean water, shelter and other basic needs to the local community. Twice a year New Hope provides clothes and food to children affected by the HIV AIDS epidemic in the local communities.

Church Ministries

New Hope strives to expand the reach of their ministries beyond the bounds of our local village of Chillakallu. Numerous churches have been constructed with the help of our brothers and sisters from around the world. Help us continue to expand the scope of our reach as we seek to minister to the people of India.

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