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We believe by educating the children will remove them from generations of poverty. Most of these children are not able to go to school due to their economic conditions through your partnership and sponsorship we are able to provide education to these children.

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Child Sponsorship

New Hope Ministries currently taking care of 210 children many of whom are orphaned. New Hope provides education, love and in some circumstances familial support to ensure the well-being and development of the children under their care. Donations to Child Sponsorship directly make an impact in the life of a child and help New Hope to continue to provide the necessary resources to ensure they cared for. 


Medical Provisions

With limited access to clinics, local medical assistance can be difficult to reach for the majority of the community. Once or twice a year New Hope hosts medical camps utilizing local doctors and hospitals and partnering with doctors from the United States to serve 5,000-7,000 people in a week with the care they need. Additionally, in times of crisis, New Hope provides clean water, shelter and other basic needs to the local community. Twice a year New Hope provides clothes and food to children affected by the HIV AIDS epidemic in the local communities.


Church Ministries

New Hope strives to expand their ministry reach to the areas beyond Chillakalluh and local community. Numerous churches have been possible thanks to the generosity and teaching of New Hope Ministry. Church Ministries includes four primary areas of focus. Click view more to see each area and its purpose. 


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